Find if certain node is inside another path

Imagine making a lasso selection tool by yourself, and want to figure out if a certain node is located inside the lasso-drawn path. What is the best way to do this?

Never mind, I think I’ve got it.

If you have an NSBezierPath, try this function: NSBezierPath.containsPoint_(p) where p is an NSPoint.

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Before I found this topic, I was trying to do the same thing with the containsNode_() method for GSPath (found that while digging into help(GSPath)) but that never worked, ex:

for n in path1.nodes:
  if path2.bezierPath.containsPoint_(NSPoint(n.x,n.y)):
    print n

is working properly, but

for n in path1.nodes:
  if path2.containsNode_(n):
    print n

never returns anything. I ended up getting help for doing what I needed to do with a fonttools pen, but just out of curiosity, how does that containsNode_() method working?


… is equivalent to:

myNode in myPath.nodes

Ok, so not at all what I thought it would do :joy: thanks Rainer!

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