Fine-tuning Instances

I’m just curious about the best way to approach something.
I have a typeface that contains two masters and 3 instances. I’m at the stage where I would like to export, but I still have some some tweaks I’d like to manually apply to each instance. What’s the best way to get my instances in an editable form? Do I just export everything and then open the opentype files back in to Glyphs so I now have editable paths for my instances? Is there a different way turn an instance into a editable master?
Thanks in advance for the advice.

Are all instances actually interpolating? The middle imstance should interpolate but the other two might be just the instances.

What changes do you like to do?

You can make new documents from you instances from Font menu > Generate instances. But that is not recommended in your case as you should build one master file. Otherwise you have to do all the changes over and over if you do changes to the master font.

And to change individual instances, use the beace or breaket trick (search for it in the tutorials).

Thanks for the reply!
It appears that the brace and bracket trick will definitely help me get the instances right (the examples you show in the tutorials are exactly the issues I’m dealing with).
Thanks for the help.