First node moved after exporting

I noticed that the first nodes of several glyphs have changed their positions after being exported to .OTF (with Removed Overlap box checked). Before the export, the first nodes were on the bottom left. After export, they moved to the top and to the right after exporting. Is it ok as is? I was trying to fix them on the .otf files, but Glyphs doesn’t let me save the corrections on to the file.

Below is an example before exporting:

Below is an example after exporting:

Please let me know if this issue needs to be fix and how? Or it’s ok the way it is.

In this case it has to do with the remove overlap It always rearranges the nodes.

I have read from somewhere on the site/forum that the first node should be at the bottom left of the shape. Is it ok to leave it as is? I can fix it with the Correct path direction, but Glyphs won’t let me save on the OTF file. What would you recommend if I have to fix it.

Btw, thanks for your timely reply.

You don’t need to fix the position of the starting point. Bottom left is just a convention that Glyphs follows.

That’s great. Thanks Mekkablue