Fit Curve shortcut crashes glyphs 3 every time

Hey devs,
I am having a lot of trouble using glyphs 3 since the Fit Curve shortcuts crashes Glyphs 3 every single time I use it. If I mouse click Fit Curve is fine…but I don’t want to work clicking every time I need to adjust the curves.

Can I have some help from you?
Ive send some crash reports last few days.

Im using the most recent Big Sur / M1 MacBook and latest cutting edge glyphs update. If you need any other information just lmk.
Thank you in advance!

Yes. :pensive: This is a bug in 3079. Will be fixed in the upcoming 3080 beta. Two options until 3080 arrives:

  • downgrade to version 3078
  • use Fit Curve only with the buttons (in the right-side palette)

Ty for the fast response!

gonna do a downgrade for now.