Fit Curve shortcut not working

I know that there is a shortcut for Fit Curve : ctrl+option+number key
and I used this function quite well but suddenly it is not working and only accessible by Fit Curve window with a mouse

What version of Glyphs do you have?

There was a shortcut for Fit Curve??? Oh my god, the weeks I must have wasted by now clicking with the mouse… Thank you for pointing this out!

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It is 3.2 the latest one

Can you try version 3175?

[317x-3174] – Quick notification of Update after starting the app is either not working or has a very large lag time. Do a Check for Updates and it comes up then.

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The app check only once a day or so. Most apps don’t have two updates per day.

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Now working!! Thank you for your help :blush: