Fix 'Incompatible Outlines'

Not sure how to fix this. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Struct_V8_101423.glyphs (2.4 MB)

Does it have to do with my use of corners? I checked the Glyphs and there were no corners overlapping.

This looks like an overlap (in the Thin Compressed Italic)

Didn’t catch that one, only thing is for some Glyphs like ‘bracketleft’ there is very obviously no overlap, but I still get the error.

It exports if I decompose the glyphs.

I just found the problem. In upright masters, the component is scaled -100%/100%. In the Italic masters, it is correctly scaled -100%/-100% (or 100%/100%+180°). Make sure to use the same transformation in all masters.

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That makes sense, much appreciated!

You can use the Components > Propagate Corner Components script from the mekkablue scripts for that. It takes the corner/cap component setup (orientation, scale, etc.) from the current layer and applies it to all the others.