Fixed values for font

Hey guys,

I hope you can help me.

I’m working on a technical font right now. I want the font to have fixed values with a font height of 1mm - 5mm without change.

As you can see in the screenshot.

The distance between characters must be 0.8mm and the offset must be 0.05mm
How can I best implement this? Would be very grateful for the help.

Scalable fonts use a relative measurement system called units. One unit is a thousandth of the font size (or em). But you can set it to something else with the Units per Em setting in File > Font Info > Font.

So you need to decide on a font size, then you can make the calculations.

If you want the values to be the same on different sizes, you can either interpolate or if you have a monoline construction, offset the path with a custom parameter.

Thank you for the fast feedback.

I set 500 units (176.4mm).
have adjusted the distances, but if I change the font height the program (CAD) also scales all the distances.

Can I automatically set the dimensions to be fixed?

Or am I doing something wrong?

Why 176.4 mm? For the precision you require, that appears to be not an ideal choice.

To clarify: the millimeters are not set in Glyphs. You set the millimeters in the app in which you use the font.

Exactly, I’ve also tried small units.

I imported the font and made an example.
it is always scaled by 50% … I want the spacing, offset to be always fixed.


Doesn’t anyone have an idea how I can prevent the scaling of the font row and the thickness?

With fonts, you can’t prevent scaling.

Exactly. The size in which a font is set cannot be controlled through the font. That is the job of the app in which you are using it, CAD in your case, I suppose.

What you can do, is optimize your font for certain sizes, e.g. choose a stroke thickness that is exactly right if the font is set at size x. But you will still have to set the size in CAD.