Flipped Components Magically Flip their Skew?

I am working on someonee else file and I have bracketright which is made of -100% width bracketleft:

This is obviously fine for Upright but in the Italic, I have this weird issue where it was -100% width and also -15.7° skew, where did that come from? I’m not sure:

When I saved file and then re-opened it, suddenly it was +15.7° skew and it looked "correct:

What’s going on here? I don’t like that it does it automatically because now some glyphs look “correct” at a glance but they’re not.

Ok update, when I saved a new version with the “correct” skew, it flipped it back to -15.7° what the heck is going on!?

One more bizarre thing:
This is the glyph:

When I decompose it:

This seems to only happen to some glyphs, for example, it doesn’t happen to the guilsinglleft which has the same transformation:

Don’t ever flip components. For parentheses and similar punctuation where you would normally think flipping a good idea, rotate 180° instead.

What @SCarewe said.

But the skew shouldn’t behave like this. What version of Glyphs do you have?

Could it be that it is made up of two guilsinglleft glyphs as components?

Of course. This is not my file. I’m cleaning up this mess :sweat_smile:

3.2 (3227)
It’s very strange that every time I save a new file, the skew flips, and then some of the accents don’t expand as the render.

@SCarewe as you can see in the bottom right component info box, it is made of guillemetright

Yes, but that means that it is most probably made of two guilsinglleft at the lowest level.

Ah the guillemetright is made of 2 guilsinglright! There we go, if I decompose the guillmetright, then when I decompose the flipped guillemetright in guillemetleft it doens’t change. Still doesn’t explain why the skew flips from negative to positive and vice versa every time I save

Is it possible that you save this as a Glyphs 2 file? I would recommend to switch to Glyphs 3 format.

You’re right it is a G2 file, the client is working in Glyphs 2.

Glyphs 3 stores the transformation as scale, rotation, skew separately. Glyphs 2 stores the combined transformation matrix. So reading/writing Glyphs 2 files needs to convert back and forth. And that horizontal flip and skew is difficult to recover. Even the best algorithm I could find struggles with this.

So I recommend to, instead of horizontal flip and skew, rotate 180°. Automatic alignment can help with positioning.

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