Flipped corner component - any ideas what's going wrong?

The left hand serif component works beautifully. The right hand serif component will not. I’ve tried reversing path direction to no avail. Thanks for any insights, help etc.

Can you show a screenshot of the corner glyph?

Add an “origin” anchor like this:
Screenshot 2021-11-20 at 16.14.10

Thanks George that worked. I suppose there’s an explanation somewhere as to why the left component works without an anchor, but the right doesn’t.

The issue was likely that your right serif corner component is drawn on the right side of the corner glyph. The vertical end point needs to be on the origin (0 on the x axis). With the origin anchor, it can be anywhere, since the origin is specifying that spot.

Note in Georg’s example that the origin anchor aligns with the end node above. If you moved the path so that end node was at the origin of the glyph (left side), then it would work without the origin anchor.

This detail is mentioned in the Reusing Shapes: Corner Components | Glyphs tutorial.

Thanks - it makes sense now