Flipping contours?

What’s the easiest way to flip (mirror) a selected contour horizontally or vertically? For example, to make a symmetrical arch, I might draw half of it, copy it, flip the copy, and attach them together; but I can’t figure out a way to do the flipping step.

Use the flip buttons in the transformation section of the palette.

Ah, there it is. Thanks!

I can’t seem to find the transformation section of the palette. I feel like this is a simple thing but maybe I’m just missing it?

Make sure Window > Palette menu item has a check. On the palette you should see Dimensions, Fit Curve, Layers, and then, at the bottom, Transformations.

I tried all of the above, but to no avail. Please send me a screen shot or a written description of what the “buttons” might look like. Thanks.

  1. Double click to select the contour you want to mirror.
  2. Open the Palette: Window > Palette (Cmd-Opt-P)
  3. In the bottommost section of the Palette, ‘Transformations’, choose a transformation origin and click one of the two mirror buttons.

If you still cannot find it, please look in the Handbook on page 37.