FL's Power Guides for Glyphs?

Hi there,

How far are we from having something similar / equivalent to FL’s Power Guides in Glyphs? I find them extremely useful.




Simon tried something like this. I’m not working on something like this.

Yes, see SuperTool, listed on the Extend page.

Thanks, but I don’t see anything like Power Guides among the things the SuperTool can do.

Sorry, my bad, I mistook the feature for something else. It was called ‘Springs’, I believe, you can find it in Simon’s plug-in repo. I have never worked with it though.

Thanks, I’ll check it. Question: why isn’t this plugin listed in Glyphs’ Plugin Manager?

The plugin is not finished.

In fact it doesn’t work any more. I’m looking at reactivating it. There are a few easy fixes, but there is also something else fundamentally not working.

@GeorgSeifert, I am not getting notifications when a glyph is being updated, with this code:

NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().addObserver_selector_name_object_(self, objc.selector(self.update,signature='v@:'), "GSUpdateInterface", None)

Looking back in the forum archives for this problem - it turns out I had this with Springs before, but you fixed it! Maybe it’s broken again?

I also need to add an interface to deleting springs, now that TAG hints are no longer displayed and do not have handles for deleting. Maybe I should abuse another hint type instead? :wink:

I’ll have a look at the code to get it running again.