Focus after search

In Glyphs 3, in Font View after running a search from the top left field and pressing Return, focus stays in this field. I think focus should return to the main pane.

Example: If I want to quick make a tab of all glyphs related to circumflexes, I would like to be able to
Cmd-F [Find]
circum [the search text]
Cmd-A [select all results]
Cmd-T [open a new tab with selection]

but this fails on step 3 because Glyphs thinks I’m trying to “select all” of the letters in the search field rather than all of the glyphs in the main pane. As far as I can tell moving the focus requires a mouse click, which is a pain in an otherwise-all-keyboarded process.

You can search for a query, press Shift-Tab to focus the grid view/list view, Command-A and Command-T to open all in a new tab.

Hmm, shift-tab’s not working for me. With the palette open shift-tab steps through those fields over there, and with it closed I don’t think it’s doing anything.

Press Escape when in the search field and then Command-A, Command-T.

Ah, there we go, Esc works. Thanks!

(I still think it’d be intuitive if Return had the same refocus effect.)

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And if I can’t convince you that Return should refocus, at the very least clicking the mouse in an empty part of the main pane after a search should surely give it focus!

Return is not doing anything in the search fields in MacOS.

Where did you click that didn’t focus the grid view?

In the white space below the last row of results.

I see. I think I can fix that.