Focus on Selected Paths doesn't work on Glyphs2 file

Hi there,

Focus on Selected Paths doesn’t work if I open glyphs file created in Glyphs2.
Anyone has the same issue?


That shouldn’t make a difference where the file comes from.

Same here, Focus on Selected Paths does not work
in version [3033], macOS 10.14.

Hmm. Works for me in 3033 on 10.15 Catalina. I do not have access to my 10.14 installation now, so cannot verify if it is related to the system version.

It works fine on 10.14. Can you Post a screenshot of how it looks? Or better a screen recording?

after selecting Focus on Selected Path nothing happens,
see screencast
edit: restarting the app several times, and also system restarting did not help.

I found out when opening a new tab it works as long as there is only one glyph active. As soon as I add another glyph it stops working and does not come back, even after removing the other glyph from the tab.

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Thanks for the tip with the multiple glyphs. I can confirm that is breaks if there are more then one glyphs. Removing the other layer will not bring back the focus but you can set a new one. I’ll fix it.