Font appearing differently in Illustrator than Glyphs

Have searched on the forum for this but was unable to find a similar issue. Am a very entry level user…
Paths in Glyphs appear ok (left), exported TTF used in Illustrator, outlined to show path (right)

Unsure if this is created by the drawing of the paths incorrectly in Glyphs or some other issue?
Hopefully is a simple fix?! Thanks.

The curve in the top right has an inflection (meaning it changes direction in the middle). Normally the TrueType export should take care of this. But you can try to add one manually (use the pen tool and press the Shift key while adding the point.

And have you tried to export as CFF/Postscript?

Can you send me that glyphs file that I can check the TreuType export?

Thanks Georg, is it best to email?

By email to support at this domain (without forum and www). Or in a direct message in the forum.

I recall facing similar problems caused by what’s happening in the top right corner. In other words, (afair) no problems with 1, yes problems with 2:

Exporting as an OTF resolved the appearance issue.

That is an interesting error in Illustrators. The kink is not only with the TrueType font, but also when converting to outlines.

It goes way when I disable the GPU rendering in Preferences > Performance (In my German Illustrator it is “Leistung > GPU-Leistung”). So it seems to be a problem with the GPU render.