Font custom parameter counterpart of Fontlab

There are a lot of custom parameters in Glyhps that are not really explained in any way. Can someone give me the respective counterparte of the Fontlab Font Info parameters for Glyphs?


I list them here:

Family Name:
Style Name:
PS Font Name:
Full Name:
Menu Name:
FOND Name:

OT Family Name:
OT Style Name:
Mac Name:

The Font Info is explained in detail in the Handbook, and the Custom Parameters are explained in the Appendix of the Handbook.

What counts are the name table entries derived from the entries. Glyphs calculates them from what you enter as Family Name, as well as the Weight and Style Name settings. You can override these name calculations with custom parameters, e.g. compatibleFullName for Name Table ID 18, or preferredFamilyName for ID 16.

the custom parameters are derived from the names as used in ufos: But omitting the “openTypeName” and “postscript” prefixes. How that corresponds to the fields in FLS should be explained in the FLS docs.