Font doesn't display any issues within file, upon export font appears very strange and is named wrong

Please see attached:

Any ideas? Any help would be really appreciated as this project has been left and left over and over again due to this issue.

(image attached shows the exported error)

Posting a screenshot of the file in Glyphs might help us understand the error. For the name, do you have a name set up in File > Font Info > Font tab > Family Name? That is where the exported font will take its name (not from the Glyphs file name).

Apologies I could only seem to post 1 screenshot at a time.

Heres the font within Glyphs. As you can see the exported version has become a sort of wireframe.

And in regards to the font name I have it set up to export as Matic Regular, but it always exports as shown.

Thanks for getting back to me so soon btw!

The screenshot indicates that you named the .glyphs file Matic_A, but the Family Name is set up as New Font. Go to File > Font Info > Font and make your settings there.

You have two masters set up and the export result depends on the interpolation settings. If you want one instance to appear exactly as the first master, consider removing or disabling the entries in File > Font Info > Exports, and choosing Add Instance for each Master from the plus menu in the bottom left.

Also make sure your path directions are OK. Select all glyphs in the Font tab and choose (with the Opt key held down) Path > Correct Path Direction on all Masters.

And opening QuickLook in Finder is not a good way of testing your font. Consider a website like FontDrop or the mekkablue script Webfont Test HTML or a tool like FontGoggles or TextPreview. Read this please:

Omg thank you, this has immediately solved the problem!!!

U are my hero, have a great weekend and enjoy the Glastonbury coverage!

Thanks again,