Font Files Corrupted on Export? v3.206

I’ve recently made some updates to a typeface that I sell through MyFonts and I’m having some issues with the files showing up as corrupted in their font validation tool when I go to add the new files. I’ve spoken to their support, and they are adamant it’s not an issue on their end. I can’t find any issues with the files: I can open them, install them, use them, all without issue. Is there any way to test the files so I can be 100% certain and go back to them knowing the problem is on their end or not?

Try using FontBakery GitHub - googlefonts/fontbakery: 🧁 A font quality assurance tool for everyone

Despite following the guide on installation exactly, I can’t seem to get that to work. I’m a little out of my depth finding a solution…is there anything that is a bit less dependent on using Terminal?

Can you send me the files (by email to support at this domain or a link in a direct message on the forum).

Hey Georg!

Will send them now. Thanks!