Font from 2014 makes problems when exported with Glyphs 983

Hello Georg,
I exported OTFs from a Glyphs file from 2014.

Some troubles poped up using OS X El Captain 11.11.6 | Fontbook 6 | Glyphs 983:

• Fontbook says error: System Validation (Überprüfung des Systems)
• Textedit: all glyphs are mixed through when typing (type N results in O). The screenshot below says “GEORG georg”
• Fontexplorer 4: Fontnames are displayed completely strange
• Adobe IND: fonts work well

I uploaded 3 screenshot to show what I mean.

Somebody please help :slight_smile:

with OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 | Fontbook 5.02 everything works well
with OS X El Captain 11.11.6 | Fontbook 6 the original OTFs from 2014 work well too

Thank You!
Georg Herold-Wildfellner

Sorry for my impatience as this is a customer request. He reported the bug to me.

I am thankful for any ideas that help troubleshooting

I received your files and we are investigating.
I do not have access these systems to test.but I can reproduce the problem on sierra.

Workaround: Use Glyphs 2.4.2 (1006) and export as TTF. Font Book may still throw a warning but you can ignore it. Consider not removing ccmp.

Thank You guys!

For reference:
There was a stylistic set that exchanged letters for symbols with complex outlines.

  1. Selected the glyphs in question, Edit > Info for Selection (Cmd-Opt-I), applied category Symbol, updated features.
  2. Disabled Subroutines (see tutorial)