Font goes to default when typing diacritics


Im exporting my font but its not working properly. Web font works well.
I already tried decomposing all glyphs and exporting into adobe folder instead of opening with font book but still.
Font goes to default font (myriad pro) on illustrator when trying to type diacritics.
If I access from the glyphs panel I can properly use diacritics. I need to send this font to a designer so it’s okay for myself to access diacritics via glyphs panel or copy-pasting but not for someone I need to send this font to.
Is there a way to fix this? I need my .otf file to work properly opening it in Font Book.
Tried converting the woff file (that works well testing on a website) to ttf on an online converter but it does not work once I open it on Font Book.
Please help!
Thank you!!


have you read this: