Font in progress - Ceggo

Here’s my first run at “Ceggo”. No real kerning to speak of. I just made it pretty for the screenshot.

This font is a vehicle for me to learn some basics. The design is loosely based on Franklin Gothic. Note the two story g and a. I only cared about the underlying framework of the font, in particular the width of the letters and the spacing between characters. Everything else is gravy (for me anyway).

Is there a manner in which to wipe all the kerning values? As well, I’d like to reset the side bearings to a uniform number so that I can start my spacing efforts fresh. Can both be accomplished?

Here’s the UC

And the lc

Nothing else as of now.

Kerning values: Window > Kerning. Sidebearings: Select all, then choose Filter > Transformations > Metrics: LSB & RSB.

Design: Your curves are too elliptic. Experiment with Fit Curve values above 60% (Window > Palette > Fit Curve). Stem widths are too heterogenous. Otherwise, not bad for a first try. Next things I’d address: z: not reaching x-height, g: not reaching descender line, s: leaning to the left, c: too open, t: wrong shape, a: belly too high, h: not reaching ascender line


Thanks for the feedback.

The s,S,h were some sort of oversite. I actually have non-leaning versions in an earlier iteration. I’ll get them and bring them in,

I’m not sure about the stem width comment. That’s one of the things I’m try to learn. They are somewhat all the same, albeit, within their respective case. I thought that was the idea.

The rest I’ll take under advisement and try another round in a few days. Let me know your thoughts on stem widths in general, not just this font.


You will probably get more feedback by joining and posting a PDF in the critique section.

OK DTF, that board looks good. I think I’ll refine a little first before posting. Thanks.