Font Info in the Album Cover View / Way to review individual Glyphs

Dear GA crew,

I would love to be able to step through each glyph in an easy way so that I can review the kerning groups left and right and the artwork of the glyph. Right now If i use ‘album cover’ view, I have to look to the bottom left or far under the image to see the glyph name, right/left kerning group, metrics. Would be good to have that information under the actual image.

I could use the text tab but the visual inconsistency is too high as in everytie i step through glyph, it jumps too much and is too distracting.

Can you build a mockup? I’m not sure why you need a third place where you see the classes. If you need the glyph image and the classes next to each other, you could try to step throug the glyphs on edit view. Use the scroll up/down keys on a regular keyboard or Fn+left/right arrow on a MacBook keyboard). If you add shift, it will jump to the next glyph according to the filter/sorting in the font view.