Font Info Panel - standardise?

Is there a way to standardise the Font Info panel? Right now, I believe I have to add fields like ‘designer’, ‘copyright’, ‘URL’, ‘Vendor ID’ etc every time I create a new font.
I just want to add the fields I need, then make it a standard, so the Font Info panel displays my preferences every time I create a new font.

Make a blank template font file with all the basic fields filled in, then use it each time you start a new font.

You can also copy and paste a set of fields from on font to another. Select the rows you want by Command-clicking in the Font Info window, copy with Edit → Copy (⌘C) and paste in the Font Info of another font with Edit → Paste (⌘V).

@George_Thomas, @FlorianPircher - thanks a lot! But it seems like an awful lot of work to copy/paste field all the time. IMHO it would be a lot easier if you could somehow save your preferences rather than copy/pasting the lot.

Are you creating a lot of new Glyphs files? What is your use case? Maybe there is a more specialized solution.

Florian, I make hand display/script fonts. A ‘family’ usually consists of two, three or four styles, so in a good month I make 4 families. That times 12 is a lot of copy/pasting per year.

I normally use ink and brushes or marker pens, crayons - literally any writing tool - and paper. I then photograph the art, airdrop it to my mac and trace it in Glyphs. I used to trace it in Illustrator, but I was using the standalone version, which no longer works on Mac OS12.

I also worked with Fontlab Studio for 10 years or so, but I think Glyphs is a nicer way to create fonts. It’s just that I am used to doing things and Glyphs has its peculiarities, like the font info panel that you need to populate every time you create a new font.

If the different styles of a family have the same glyph set, I would recommend storing those styles as masters in the same Glyphs file instead of create in a new Glyphs file for each family member.

Otherwise, you could create a script that sets the values and run the script after starting a new project:

Font.description = "Some description"
Font.copyright = "© 2021 Florian Pircher"
Font.designer = "Florian Pircher"
Font.manufacturer = "TestFont Type"

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Could the info be stored in a .plist and have a button in Font Info that autofills, much like a browser stores my name and address for forms?

Never mind that suggestion. I just realized it could turn into a real mess when files are shared for production.

@FlorianPircher :smiley: Well, a script is something I could work with. It seems like a Glyphs thing to use scripts - very handy, but quite a chore for someone who knows nothing of programming. But… I will give it a whirl, thanks!!

The relevant code is documented here in the GSFont section:

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions :slight_smile: