Font is not visisble in Apple Pages font menu

I made a font with glyphs mini, exported it as a .otf. i have tried with the app type preview, everything is fine. then i imported it to the system with the apple fontbook. in the adobe apps all is good but in other apps like apple pages i can’t find the font in the font menu. i think this depends on the languages, which are written in the font. there is english and some african languages but no german. how can i chance this and would this make my font visible?

  1. Make sure you add all glyphs necessary for Western Latin. There is a sidebar entry available for that. A glyph count of 67 sounds like there is not much in the font. But it should not hinder Pages from accepting it.
  2. Apps like Pages need a restart to refresh their font menus.

oh thank you. i added the glyphs for western latin and everything works fine.

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