Font naming: Order of Styles

I created a typeface which is based on layers with four different styles and chose alternative style names (One, Two, Three and Four) to help the user when using the typeface. When used in Indesign the order gets mixed up and presents itself as Four, One, Three and Two.

My question is: How can I make shure, that the exported styles are shown in the correct order?

I am working with Glyphs 1.4.5

The order of the styles is controlled by the Weight and Width popups buttons in the instance settings.

This tutorial has a section called ‘Take Complete Control of Font Menu Order’. It is written for G2, but this section also applies to G1.

is it possible to manage the order when the difference is in 3d axis only?

it’s about optical sizes good order in applications menu. I see it works in Arno Pro but can’t find how, even checking with DTL OTmaster :frowning:

Width class, weight class, alphabetical. In that order. Not sure if there is some extra hidden gem somewhere, perhaps even an adobe specific hack.

this is the list order for Arno Pro

Playing with custom weight class like

openTypeOS2WeightClass = 501;

would work or clash?

Try it. Should work.

BTW in Arno Pro they didn’t use this trick, there must be something else…