Font naming: unique font id

hi, what kind of parameter do i have to change to change the unique id?

if i look it up it says something ugly like “1.000;UKWN;FontName” and i really dont like the ‘unknown’. :slight_smile:


UKWN refers to your Vendor ID. You can use the openTypeOS2VendorID custom parameter to set your Vendor ID.

Or you can override the unique name with the openTypeNameUniqueID custom parameter.


Hi guys,
does the custom parameter “openTypeNameUniqueID” still work in Glyphs2? I am trying to find a way to customise the Name ID 3 (Unique font identifier) in order to add a date (: 2015) at the end of “1.000;UKWN;FontName” can’t get that custom parameter to work. Is there another custom parameter or something else I can use in Glyphs 2 to achieve that?


So it appears the openTypeNameUniqueID custom parameter is no longer present in Glyphs 2. Can someone confirm, and better yet, tell me how I can control what gets generated for this string?

Hmm it is still in the internal custom parameter list, but doesn’t seem to work. Will look into it.

I don’t think that it was ever used. But I think I can add it easily.

Perhaps a more generalized solution would be the ability to explicitly add any string, specifying the platform ID, encoding ID, language ID, string ID and the string content? One custom parameter for this would eliminate the need for further updates to Glyphs for other strings we have issues with.

I just found that there is already a parameter for that Name Table Entry but it is not implemented.