Font not in alphabetical order

I exported a font to the Adobe fonts folder, and when I use it in Illustrator, it isn’t listed alphabetically. It is currently called “Vintage Border Collection”, but it is listed with fonts that start with “L”:

Kokonor Regular
Lao MN
Letter Gothic Std
Vintage Border Collection
lettres douces
lettres douces ALT 1
lettres douces ALT 2
Lithos Pro

What would cause this? Is it an Adobe problem?

I’m using Glyphs Version 2.6.1 (1227) on High Sierra with Adobe Illustrator CC 2017.

What’s the PostScript name? Adobe tends to use that for a lot of stuff. It’s how it stores font names in documents, for instance.

As Mark said, maybe you have a load “postScriptName” custom parameter?

On the instance I have “Vintage Border Collection” for both postscriptFontName and postscriptFullName. Is there another place for postscript name?

Have you checked the font and instances custom parameters?
And check the name table of the actual font if you find anything there.

Thanks for all the help. I did a new export of the font, checked the name table and didn’t see anything unexpected. I then restarted Illustrator, which I thought I had already done (apparently not), and now the alphabetical list is accurate. Thanks!