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Hi, when I export my font into Font Book (OS X), the preview size of the font (window that pops up asking whether I want to install the font) is extremely small, almost illegible. Any ideas how to fix this? It also appears to be justified, i.e. if I have a two word preview, the first word appears to be left aligned, and the second word is over on the right hand side of the window)

Hard to say without the file. Size is determined by the UPM value. You may just have drawn your glyphs to small. You can scale your font using File > Font Info > Units Per EM. And your space is probably too big.

Did you install it multiple times already? Then it could also be a font cache problem. Read this please:

I came across the same issue and could not solve it through UPM or cache flushing. For Font Book I could solve the issue using the sampleText parameter with a line break.

Under Font Info > Instances > Custom Parameters add the sampleText parameter can have a custom text, for example “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Now to “resize” the window double click the value and add some line breaks:

The quick brown
fox jumps over
the lazy dog.


Here is what the manual says about sampleText:

sampleText string Sample text. Corresponds to the OpenType name

table name ID 19. ‘This can be the font name, or any other

text that the designer thinks is the best sample to display the

font in.’ This sample text is displayed, for instance, by Apple

Font Book, when the font is selected in Sample view.

Hope this is helpful.

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