Font Proofer plug-ins crashing

Maybe this app isn’t optimized for Glyph 3?
I notice several other plug-ins crashing every time I open Glyph.
Any recommendations?

Can you check the macro window for error messages?
Hit “Ignore” for now

Not sure what the macro window is and where that error message is.

Window > Macro Panel

Not seeing any errors here:

Do you have the latest version of FontProofer? And which exact build of Glyphs?

Looks like FontProofer 1.1(Trial) and Glyph 3.2

Whoops, here is the Macro:

Font Proofer Companion had some trouble loading :frowning:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 32, in start
from fpcompanion import companion
ImportError: cannot import name ‘companion’ from ‘fpcompanion’ (unknown location)

Font Proofer Companion had some trouble starting :frowning:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 41, in start
fpcInstance = companion.FontProoferCompanion()
UnboundLocalError: cannot access local variable ‘companion’ where it is not associated with a value

Thanks for reaching out to me directly via the Font Proofer website, Curtis (@HappyRectangle). I don’t check the Glyphs forum often compared to email. @GeorgSeifert, @mekkablue, and @SCarewe—can you loop me into any Font Proofer-related thread when you see one?

Curtis shared some screenshots with me by email, and this appears to be caused by the Glyphs Python module changing to Python 3.11, at least for the Glyphs 3.2 beta, whereas it used Python 3.9 for a long time (years, I think) before that. The Font Proofer companion plugin was made to work with Python 3.9 and 3.10. I can easily add support for Python 3.11, and will make that my top priority after I return to the office on Wednesday.

If a Python 3.9 version is available for Glyphs to use (in the Addons section of Glyphs Preferences/Settings), switching to that should work in the meantime. I’m also happy to give any existing user/trial an extra week for free while I sort this out (contact me directly).

I will follow up on this thread as soon as the Font Proofer compatibility update is available!

I know there is a 3.9 somewhere but I can only seem to find the 3.11.3 version. I’ll keep looking around. Thanks nowell for the support, super appreciate you!

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The fixed version (v1.1.1) is now available if you re-download Font Proofer from the website.

Font Proofer 1.2 is launching in a matter of days, so that will bring the fix to existing users via software update.