Font resolution issue VS device DPI and zoom

Hello I have been facing some issues related to one specific font that I modified and exported with Glyphs3. The precision of the font display is changing with my device DPI resolution.

It seems that the current font I am using is in between two values. Here is an example how I see the font when zooming in and out. (the font is Hackney-Vector)

I would like to get rid of this effect, or at least being able to control it. I understand this is done in font rendering to avoid to draw overcomplicated glyphs at small scale, but this is an issue event at 20pt. Any hint which parameter I should play with ?

Many thanks !! M.

What System and app is that?

What outline format?

Does it have hinting?

Hinting does not apply here, it is an SVG color font IIUC.

It is not about points, it is about PPM, the effective pixel size.

This cannot be controlled from within the font other than by changing the outlines. If you want the white bits to show at smaller sizes, you need to make them bigger. They are just too thin to be displayed. On the right scale, the streaks are already less than a pixel wide. If you scale down further you have fractions of pixels for a shape. Of course, most renderers will not be able to display them anymore.