Font selection problem

While I was editing my font in a few details, I realized that something had happened, practically illustrator does not select correctly the font, everything worked perfectly in the previous version.
What could be the reason?

NOW in illustrator g

BEFORE in illustrator g


Then you have one glyphs that has something sticking out of the bounding box. This might be a stray point or hint. I will put a script in the github.

There are two new scripts now. A “find extreme nodes” that gives you the biggest glyphs. And run the “Delete Hints” over the hole font to get rid of any misplaced hints.

Hello Georg,

thank you, do I need to do something else besides put the scripts in the scripts folder? because I’m not able to use it.

Thank you.

after putting the scripts in the Folder you need to restart Glyphs (or open the script menu, press the option key and select “Reload Scripts”). then they should show up in the script menu.

I copied the scripts in the folder indicated by Glyphs, but even after rebooting and update the scripts does not appear. g

Thank you.

how did you download the tiles. You have to download a .zip file. Otherwise you end up with .html files that look like .py files.

Yes I was wrong with .py

Thank you.

So, now I need only to run the script? g

Yes. It will output the result in the Macro Window, which you can invoke via Window > Macro Panel.

Thank you

Now works, I tried “find extreme nodes” and "delete hints"
But unfortunately I have not fixed the problem with the selection.

I think I will do a deep check on the latest changes, thanks for the support.


if you can’t solve it you can send us the .glyphs file.

The problem was with the modify of some ligatures, I deleted the ligature glyphs and redrawn.

So now I do not know what it depended on, but now everything works perfectly.

thanks again