Font view reacts to selection with delay


I only recently started using Glyphs. Today I noticed that the Font View is reacting to my mouse clicks with delay. Did I accidentally turn something on that causes this, or is this a bug report / improvement request?

See this short video capture showing the delay between click and the glyph getting selected.


That is the double click delay. The Mac needs to wait a split second to see if you want to change your selection or open a tab. You can try changing your double click delay in System Preferences, and see if that helps.

I did chang something about the double click recently. What version do you have?

What did you changed ? Because I have been noticing, that G2 is not updating the outline compatibility directly as it did in the past. Now you have to move the outline or go to the nest glyph.

Running version 2.3 (895)

Also, in reply to mekkablue, wouldn’t the expected behaviour still be that the glyph gets immediately highlighted?

No, that would be changing the selection. But the system has to wait and see if you want to do a double click. A double click is not supposed to change the selection but open the current selection in a tab.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version? You can activate it in Preferences > Updates. Duplicate the app before you do that to keep the stable version around.

Version 2.3.1 (919) fixes this and it works, immediately selecting the glyph as I’d expect it to. :thumbsup: