Font window scrolls up after pasting glyphs

Every time I paste or generate a glyph, the font window automatically scrolls up to /A in the upper left corner.

When you work with extended encodings and several masters this is annoying, because every time you have to scroll down.

G1 & G2, OS 10.9.5

Anyone had this behavior ?

Could not reproduce. If I only generate one glyph, it scrolls to center the newly generated glyph in the font view.

Do you have a Category selected in the left sidebar?

Strange, it has always happend since I use G1 & G2. It also happens when I copy&paste a glyph into another slot.

I normally have “All” selected.

I was about to write something on this, it’s really bugs the hell out of me :slight_smile:

I scrolled down to the numerals, pasted something there and suddenly the window scrolls up to the starts.

It seems it only happens if you have nothing selected when pasting.

I improved that a bit.