Font Windows Stacking Order


I have few fonts windows open in GlyphsApp at the same time, but obviously working on one main font, when I switch to Illustrator for example or any other mac app, come back to GlyphsApp, it always puts a different font window on top, so I have “always” to go to [Window>My Current Font] to continue working on it, it might be a bit painful if I’m switching a lot back and forth between other Apps and GlyphsApp.

Any Idea?

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I know the problem but didn’t figure out what’s causing it. The window order is handled by the system, so I can’t do much about it.

I just noticed that it happens only in “My Font” file, when switching back and forth it got pushed to the back of the stack?!

other font files are ok upon switching, what did I do wrong?

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Thanks Georg,

Will try to live with it, :wink:


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Workaround: Use Mission Control. It’s too cluttered when you have many apps open, but if you keep AI and Glyphs in one space, it should work nicely.

@mekkablue I’ll give that a try and let you know, thanks for the info.