Font with contextual alternates - how to make it default?

Hello everybody. Could you please help me with one question. I have two separate fonts: one font consist MyFontDots, MyFontLines, MyFontPixel files. Each file has its own style of letters. I have another font with one file only MyFontMix where I have 3Xquantity of glyphs (both Dots, Lines and Pixel). This font is invented for user to have a random contextual alternate of all the glyphs. But when the user uses this font not f.e. in AI first it shows all letters written in one master (in my particular case all Dots). Only if user activates OpenType feature, stylistic alternates, the font makes all the letters with contextual alternate. So my question is: can I somehow make it so the font is running with contextual alternates by default?
Thank you!

Not in AI as far as I know. You can try using different features, but they still need to be activated by the user.

ok, clear. Thank you!

Well, I have a reversed issue: my calt is activated by default in both (InDesign and Illustrator), I can’t seem to be able to turn it off no matter what I do in these two apps, any advice?

The thing is I want to make it optional

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You can put the conceptual substitution in any feature. Stylistic Set os Stylistic Alternates are good candidates.

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Contextual Alternates can be deactivated in both apps.

I know, but the command is not turning the calt off in InDesign, and in Illustrator it is on and greyed out.

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Then this is probably a font cache problem. Read this please: