FontBakery errors in variable fonts

Hey everyone! Any news on the STAT table update @GeorgSeifert? I’ve been running into this error with the latest, 3.1.2 version. When I drop the exported typeface into Samsa the STAT table seems to be missing. Same with Font Bakery – there is a really long list of STAT table is missing Axis value wght, wdth, slnt, for all my instances. Also – after adding the extra Regular Master and setting it as the origin (which got rid of my Font Bakery error) it messed up the variable setup somehow and the font stopped working in test environments :confused: Is it possible to deal with that from within glyphs? I’d like to avoid moving to fontmake tbh…

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and as a follow up, the setup in my file is:
3 axes – wght, wdth, slnt with 8 masters. Font bakery keeps insiting that I have to have REGULAR as a default master, while adding it breaks variable compatibility. That doesn’t make much sense – if you have masters at the corners of the cube designspace than the regular will fall somewhere in the middle or on one of the walls (in this case the upright wall) of the cube space. Any way around that? (I know it’s more of a fontbakery than glyphs question, but you guys def know better :wink: ).

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I’m almost done to export proper STAT tables without much manually interventions (depending on properly set instance names). We are testing it in a private beta of version 3.2. I hope I can put that out as a cutting edge version, soon.

Can you send me a sample font for testing?

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yeah of course - can you remind me the e-mail address? or message me directly?

Email it to support at this domain.

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Which fontbakery check is that exactly? I haven’t encountered this, and we regularly produce fonts without a Regular master.

It does say it has to be ‘Regular’ OR whatever is in nameID 17.
What version of Glyphs do you have?

There’s a variant of that check that does sound confusing. Had it the other day. I think the one when you have 400 weightClass but nameIDs 2/17 are not regular.

I believe the wording of the fail message is misleading. It sounds like it demands the style to be Regular, but if you put the name of your first instance in the Variable Font Setting Name field it does not report the fail. I posted the same problem here Variable Font Origin - #5 by knikola, than @frankrolf explained it.

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it sounds like this:

FAIL ‘Thin Compressed’ instance has the same coordinates
as the default instance; its subfamily name should be ‘Regular’ [code:

thx @knikola!

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Exactly. It’s misleading, check the explanation in my previous post.

Just wait for the 3.2 because @GeorgSeifert made it work!

Oh brilliant! I did manage to export through FontLab like Michal did. The instance setup and naming is approached differently and the export passed FontBakery. But it would be nice to just release from glyphs directly :wink:

I’m eagerly waiting for the 3.2 beta release. Any chance we’ll get it soon @GeorgSeifert ? :smiley:


Hi @GeorgSeifert do you think 3.2 will come in the next few days? Just checking if I need a STAT table work around in the meantime.

As with any software development, please understand that we can neither predict nor promise a specific release date.

If we promised or announced a certain date, and find something else that needs to be fixed a day before the planned release, or an implementation takes longer than expected, we would spend too much time answering why we could not release yet.

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Thanks @mekkablue. Understood.
For now, is the best way to manually set the STAT table via, Elidable STAT Axis Value Name and Style Name as STAT entry?

I added you to the 3.2 beta tests. You find a forum post with the detail.

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Thank you!