Fontbook preview characters

Hi there,
I was wondering if there is any way to modify which characters will show up in the Font Book installation window. I would like to customize it. Is it strictly tied to the Language settings of the font?


There is a custom parameter on font level called “sampleText” where you can define this.

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Haven’t tried in a while but I believe FontBook stopped supporting sampleText at one point.

I think I noticed too that Font Book doesn’t display the specified text anymore (on macOS 10.14).

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sampleText still seems to work for me in macOS 10.14.6 in that Font Book install pop-up window. Tested with a font that was exported a long time ago. fyi.

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Maybe it was a bug that Apple fixed again in the latest OS

Thanks everyone.
It works for me, but only after you reselect some instance in the installation window. When you first open the window, there is no text present.
Iam probably going to pass on this one. Although it would be cool.

//Update: In MacOs Catalina the SampleText is not supported at all.