Fontforge - how to create a draught piece

Hi everybody. New here. I’m a new user of fontforge.
My goal is to create a police which gives a black or white piece like this image
I’ve created this one but not happy with it. I want just a white ellipse up and a black one under. Under the white, a rectangle to make a nice piece.
But i can’t do it easily. Does someone know how to do that. I suppose it’s easy but not for me.
Thanks for answer.

You have come to the forum for Glyphs, not FontForge. In Glyphs, you can install the Shadow filter in Window > Plugin Manager to do exactly that. I cannot help you with FontForge, sorry.

ok thanks

How do you add a new page in Page Maker?

The same way you add it in QuarkXPress 2.0 of course.

I’m still at 1.0. Is 2.0 any different? I’ve heard that you can scale fonts horizontally!