FontLab .glyphs file import, OT-Features Problem

Using Georg’s Glyphs Import Macro in FL5 seems to deal with auto-generated feature code. But apparently not properly. I cannot compile the Code in FL (hence also not generate a font) until I remove all feature code that gets imported. Do I oversee something?

Unfortunately I need to provide a working FL file while I mainly work in Glyphs (of course)

Maybe the version of makeOTF in FLS is to old for the code generated from Glyphs. Do you get a error message?

Unfortunately only sth like “There was a problem while compiling the OpenType font. Final .otf is not saved.”

The problematic FL Version is also a 5.1.3 like mine, but a newer build. Mine (the slightly older one and plain installation, no preference tweaks whatsoever) works fine, the newer one fails.

So it turned out, that I can export from my FL version, when I remove all Feature Code. But the same file in a slightly newer version FL still does fail with exporting. Is there a way to make this work? I assume it has sth to do with the glyphs file import script?!

Failing FL Version is 5.1.5 (5714)

If removing the feature code works, you should remove one feature at a time until it works. Then you have a look at the feature in question.

that would be my approach. unfortunately in the FL version in question, it doesn’t work with no feature code at all :frowning: