Fonttableviewer download does not work

The download for fonttableviewer does not work for me:

Does anyone other than me experiences the same?

It works for me. Can you try again?

If it still does not work, perhaps your hosts file is damaged. Try the steps in this tutorial:

Thanks @mekkablue , Firefox was the browser which made it work, but it did not work with Safari nor with Chrome.

Which error do you get in the Safari console?
Does it work after you clean out caches, reset your hosts file?

What version of MacOS do you have?

@mekkablue and @GeorgSeifert Not sure if you have changed something but today it also works with Safari. But it still does not work with Chrome.
@mekkablue I do not get any error message. I click on the download button, but nothing happens.
@GeorgSeifert My MacOs is Monterey (12.1)

For me this case has been solved because I was able to download it somehow. So I guess there is no need for further investigation.

I’ve experienced the same problem. Downloading from Chrome results in the following error:
(from Safari it works perfectly)

I see. The link on the website is missing the “s”.
Use this for now:

Fixed the links on the Tools page, thanks for pointing this out!