FontTableViewer issue

I have this when trying to open a font generated with G2
*** -[_NSInlineData getBytes:range:]: range {2003265670, 4} exceeds data length 62

Could you send me the font?

The HTML test page will not display the following ranges:

Also, the symbol which replaces the “missing glyphs” in the test page drops the leading number and only shows the last four characters of the Unicode values.

I would like to suggest that reports on the new apps be pinned at the top of the Forum.

I just tested the file in Safari and Chrome re: the glyphs not displaying. Safari just ignores them, showing nothing, not even a space. Chrome displays a rectangle.

I get the same error message.
Cannot open some files in FontTableViewer! :frowning:

sorry that it took so long. But I just uploaded an update that should fix this.

it does :slight_smile: thanks