Fontweight is not part of fontfamily in Fontexplorer

I have correct an fontweight (ExtraLight) of an font.
But if I now import this complete font in the Fontexplorer it is now shown as an own font and not as an part of an fontfamily.
What do I wrong?
Could it be that the font is show as regular and there is not possible to have regular twice?


This is a bug in FontExplorer. They use the wrong entry form the name table to find the font family.

Until a few years ago, the Adobe FDK wrote a none standard conforming name table and FontExplorer is relying on that. To get the old behavior, you can use the custom parameter “Compatible Name Table” and a value of “1”. The problem is that it might cause problems in MS Office.

thanks for your reply.
Okay than it is not an so critical failure, but why was the unchanged font shown right in the Fontexplorer?

I’m new in font creating and it is a workarea who you have to know a lot :).
Where I can take a look to see if “Compatible Name Table” is set to 1 or 0?


Font cache problem. Please read these tutorials:
You add a property and call it "Compatible Name Table" and add a "1" in the value column.

I followed your instructions, but got the "The document “Untitled” could not be saved as “Clean Font Caches” alert in Apple Script Editor.

Resolved. If anyone else has a similar problem, save the script to the desktop and than move to Scripts Folder.

it was not a problem from Fontexplorer or a cache problem.
I opened the font by a friend of mine who has Fontlab and here in the Fontinfopanel there are different namefields like

  • Family Name
  • Style Name
  • PS Font Name
  • Full Name
  • Menu Name
  • FOND Name

And in the “Style Name” there was written “Regular”. After i changed it to “ExtraLight”. The Font is now part of the Fontfamily in Fontexplorer.

Could it be that Glyphs is on this point a little be to easy in his functionality or is written something wrong in the fontfile?

@ermin: If you use also Fontexplorer you can clear the fontcaches direct from the Fontexplorer menu “Tools”.

@JFS, thnx, I used Font Nuke for cleaning font caches as I rarely use FontExplorer, but AppleScript is handy and useful little thing too.