Foreground and background exactly equal

Is there any script or plugin that could warn me if my foreground and background paths and handles are not exactly the same? What is the best practice, say, if for example I want to have two versions (alternates) of my ‘a’, but just one without a tail and one with a tail, but all the other paths and handles are exactly the same? Using components? What is better? Not sure if I’m being clear… (I’m using Glyphs 3)

Not sure about script or plugin, but visual checks can be helped by:

(1) Making sure both of the following are checked:

  • View > Show Background
  • View > Show Nodes > In Background


(2) Using the shortcut for Path > Swap with Background, which is Ctrl-Cmd-J, repeatedly.

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To keep parts of Glyphs the same, you should use components. Make a glyph called “_aMain”, that contains most of the “a” except the lower right part. Then make two glyphs, one the tail and one that is only the end of the stem.

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Thank you, @GeorgSeifert and @eliason !