Formulas for sidebearings not updating in latest beta

I’m finding that Update Metrics is not working in the latest beta (1.3.24 (517)) in certain cases.
This seems to be happening when the sidebearing is set to something like
(I think I entered it just as “” but maybe it got converted to that format somewhere along the way?)
Removing the equals sign and space restores the update metrics functionality.

This is the debris of a much bigger bug that was fixed in 515. Please remove the “/equal/space”.

I’m seeing some redundant sidebearing formulas recently now in Glyphs 2 (e.g., “=o” instead of just “o”, and even “==o” here and there). Not sure if this a reappearance of this older bug in G2, or my file just has some residual wonkiness from before.

Georg, could you please confirm:

  • if sb are exactly the same, there is no need for = sign before (e.g.
  • if formulated (e.g. H+10, or |n) there have to be equal sign before formula

And ad this somewhere in the manual

Yes, this is right. And in the latest beta of G2, you can add two equal signs to only affect the current layer (helpful for keys with calculations).
Page 63.

(I remember we discuss this in Amsterdam)