Free-transform images

hey georg,

i am a bit confused but isn’t it possible to scale images (that i want to trace) with the mouse instead of only entering a scaling value?

i am looking for an intuitive scaling feature that allows me to freely scale when using the mouse or proportionally scale when Shift is pressed

(just like e.g. in illustrator)

thanks for looking into that!

Currently, there is no free scaling for placed images.

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Perhaps I can suggest an easier workflow for the same goal.

i would love to treat images the way i am used to in applications like illustrator (free transform with the mouse, proportional transform while holding shift)

currently i can only transform them when i change the percentage value.

this would be handy when your imported images are not 100% perfectly prepared but more like sketches in different sizes that you need to quickly adjust differently for different glyphs…

Okay. As an intermediate solution, I could write a script for entering absolute values. Or scaling them to x-height, cap height, etc. plus a certain overshoot. Does that sound good?

first of all: that sounds marvelous, i really like your support!

however, i don’t need this feature that urgent, so maybe just take this suggestion as a possible new feature in future updates…