Freeze at export

I can no longer export a font from any file. Glyphs freezes at the select a folder screen. I can not scroll up or down the directory, make selections, nothing. I have to force quit the app. Everything else seems to be fine. I wasn’t having this problem prior to the last update.

Here are my specs.

Glyphs 1.3.15

OS 10.6.8

2.66GHZ i7
8GB ram

Everything is up to date.

PS. Switching from fontlab to glyphs felt like switching from quark to indesign. Thanks for making such an awesome program.

Can you send me the .glyphs file to support (at)

Try it in a different user.

I could but it’s not file specific. I can make a brand new font (file new). Draw a circle. Hit export, and it freezes.

I will try it in a different user, and report back.

Switching users (I made a new one), did not work. I also checked my console, and didn’t see anything. :frowning:

This is a bug with sandboxing and Snow Leopard. Can you send me an email?

Ok. Sent you an email. Sometimes my emails get caught in spam filters.

I have this problem too. It used to work, and then I updated versions throught the app store.

Now I can’t export any file, although I can save in the glyphs native file format.

I’m on OS 10.6.8.

Is there a solution?

I’m finding that glyphs and 10.6.8 don’t get along too well. IE: with default keyboard settings, no custom key binders, just plain vanilla OS – Glyphs still only works with caps lock on.

In this particular case the problem where to many paths in some glyphs. I could fix the problem for the next update.

@tmac can you send me an email?

Hi, I have the same problem that interval mentioned above. I can’t export any font and it is not file specific.

(I bought Glyphs in App Store ad I use 10.8.3.)

Thank you in advance.

Armin, can you send me a mail?

I have a similar problem here: Glyphs Mini is unable to export some of my fonts. It doesn’t freeze, but it simply continues exporting forever until I finally cancel the process. It might have something to do with components, which I use substantially (and often the same component twice or thrice) in this particular font.

I have also noticed when working with another font that glyphs composed of components do not seem to export: ü composed of u and ¨ does not show up in the exported font unless I decompose them.

I will send you an email with the two .glyph files.

This is a known problem with fonts that have a lot paths. Please disable all checkboxes in the export dialog.