Freezing selection bug?

Hi! Pressing space bar while selecting causes the selection to kind of freeze until you click something, please see the screeshot. Sometimes I try to select and navigate through the screen while doing it, and it’s just not possible. Not a super important bug to fix, but would be good if you could put it in the list.

I can’t reproduce this. Mouse do you use?

I use macbook pro trackpad, Mojave 10.14.6, latest Glyphs.
Attaching a quick screen grab.
Screen Recording 2019-12-06 at (1.8 MB)

While dragging, I don’t get the hand tool. Can you try to start the app without plugins (hold Option+Shift when you start the app)?

Sorry for the delay. It works in the same way without plugins!

Can you try in a different user account?