French glitches

My new intern is using set to French language.
There is one problem we have stumbled upon by now:
@mekkablue’s Show PS Hints Also in Other Masters does not show up in View menu
He works on 3.1.1 (3148) I have tested several recent versions and betas.

Can you be more specific about the alignment zones? Can you show screenshot from the English version and the French version?

Hey @GeorgSeifert, thanks a lot for the fast response.
We where using version 2 format, and did not get the usual warning. In version 3, that is solved. Sorry for bothering you :grimacing:

Two more issues on French Glyphs (3.1.2 (3151))
Top of drop-down menu for components does not show.
–> not able to use: Decompose / Lock / Disable Automatic Alignment / Show all Glyphs … / Component from Selection
Another issue in TrueType Hinting
→ because A and Q are switched on the French keyboard, setting an anchor is applied by Q

You mean the context menu?

That is intentional. The idea is to keep all the keys at your fingertips in the same way.

@mekkablue yes the context menu, when a component is selected.
We work-around with one of your scripts, still weird, that it is missing.

The A / Q swap is inconsistent.
Select all is cmd+A (our cmd+Q)
Anchor is Q (our A)
So, that’s confusing and leads to almost quitting Glyphs regularly.

It’s not a swap. It’s just Q on the French keyboard. Your muscle memory will thank you when doing TT hinting.

It isn’t I that is hinting, but I like to teach my French intern.
Q for Anchor it is :wink:
Btw: the contextual menu for components is there again. Must have been a glitch.

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