Fringe Bug: using "Rename Glyphs" and ttf export

I did put a description into a commit message:

In this case a solution could be to outline composite glyphs in ttf export before doing the renaming. It seems to be outlining before renaming in otf export.

The problem only occurs if you Rename a glyph that contains a component of the glyph where it is renamed to. You can use a Decompose Glyphs parameter to prevent that.

I have a look if I can fix that.

The Renaming is done before the rename to also effect accented glyphs.

If you can’t fix it it’s no problem, it’s an interesting problem and I thought I’d share it. Decompose Glyphs sounds reasonable to me.

The ‘Decompose’ parameter takes a list of glyph names as argument, just like ‘Rename Glyphs’.