From UNICODE name to Glyph's name

Hey there! I got a question: I’m working on a file which has been exported from fontab (don’t know which version), so many glyphs have no a default name but their UNICODE value instead: f.e. ecedilla is named as uni0229 and so forth. Since Glyphs has its own way of dealing with glyphs naming, I’m changing their name from the unicode value to their more human-readable name (so from uni0229 to ecedilla, without changing their actual unicode value). Of course this is quite long to do by hand for every glyph. So is there a script which can do it for me? Specifically something that could help me to replace these glyphs name from their UNIxxxx to their Glyphs counterpart?


Make sure that the “Use Custom Names” (in Font Info > other Settings) option is not set. Then select all glyphs and run Glyph > Update Glyph Info.


Thank you Georg…