Fruitless double-clicking on something that isn't really there

please can you make the empty base glyph image easier to select. in certain circumstances it can take several attempts to select it. Maybe the answer is to reverse it, so it has more figure than ground (or maybe make it so we can define our own mark )


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You can tab through components just like you can tab through nodes. So you can hit cmd+a twice and get to that empty component. But I agree, it would be better if there would be less empty space in that mark.

Yes, what @alx said.

Or do the zen thing, take precise aim and click exactly on the filled part of the placeholder. Easer if you are zoomed in a lot.

Or you can Opt-drag over the (bottom left) origin point of the component. Easier if you are zoomed out.

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I fixed it.

oh frabjous day! thank you Georg